The Kammanassie Blue Nature Reserve is a unique Eco Housing Development situated in the Western Cape, approximately 100km from George, in the Little Karoo area. The reserve is located on the foothills of the Kammanassie Mountains, forming part of the Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve. The name of the reserve is inspired by the very rare and endangered Butterfly species, the Kammanassie Blue, which lives on the highest peaks of the Kammanassie Mountain. The name Kammanassie is a Khoi-San word meaning ‘mountain of water’. The water from this wonderful mountain is also the lifeline to this beautiful Nature Reserve.

The Reserve has two main components, being a fully operational farm, where Wine Grapes, Olives, Pomegranates and Pecan Nuts, as the main crops, are being cultivated on an area of 125ha. The other component is the pristine 6000ha Nature Reserve.

In the Western part of the Reserve you are greeted by the majestic Marnewicks River Valley. This is where the farming activities takes place and it is also the area where the Eco Houses will be built. Here you will have the opportunity to live amongst the orchards and to be completely surrounded by breathtaking mountains.

The Nature Reserve is an unspoilt piece of wilderness with several rare and endangered species of fauna and flora. You will find yourself in awe with the natural beauty that the Little Karoo area has to offer.

The model for the Kammanassie Blue Nature Reserve is based on Eco- and Agri Tourism, with the opportunity of full title ownership within the Reserve.