Fresh farm produce

The Little Karoo is a unique area with the potential to deliver products of the highest quality. Although it is classified as a semi-arid area, the relatively dry climate gives us the wonderful advantage that the area has a very low occurrence of pests and plagues, which means that very little chemicals needs to be used in the cultivation of our crops. We make use of several water saving farming practices which includes a scientifically managed trickle irrigation system, which helps us to give each crop the optimum amount of water.

The following permanent crops are being cultivated on the farm: Wine grapes (7ha), olives (6ha), pomegranates (6ha) and pecan nuts (15ha). We also have a herd of 100 Dohne Merino sheep which graze on the Lucerne and grain fields. On a much smaller scale a vegetable garden is being kept in order to ensure fresh produce for the restaurant and also to supply vegetables for the farm workers.

We are already producing a variety of boutique-style wines of premium quality, some world class Extra Virgin Olive oil, as well as lovely table olives and pomegranates.