Eco Activities

Game drives
Future Project

Experience the unspoilt beauty of the Little Karoo by taking an informative and interesting game drive, guided by our experienced accredited guides. Herds of Kudu, Eland, Red Hartebeest, Springbuck, Gemsbok, Giraffe, Cape Mountain Zebra, Grey Rhebuck, Duiker and Klipspringer roam the 6000ha Nature Reserve. You can expect to see much more than just these game species, seeing that we take a holistic approach to what nature has to offer…

We also have a game breeding program in a 400ha camp, where antelope such as Buffalo, Roan, Sable, Golden Wildebeest, Lechwe and other scarce species are kept.

Bird watching

The Little Karoo are being labelled as one of the most under explored bird watching areas in South Africa, with more than 200 species recorded in the area.

Butterfly watching

The Nature Reserve is home to at least 17 species of beautiful butterflies, and the neighbouring Kammanassie Mountains hosts another 38 species, including the famous Kammanassie Blue. Eight of these butterflies are endemic to the area. Many of these butterflies have fascinating life histories involving interactions with ants and other insects.

Nature Walks/Hiking

Discover the true treasures of the reserve on foot. There are 8 different hiking trails/routes which can be explored, ranging from gentle strolls to challenging trails, taking you to some of the most secluded parts of the reserve.

Guided Night walks

A whole new world unfolds before your eyes as you put on your night vision goggles to discover the interesting creatures that roam in the dark…

Indigenous plant medicine tours
Future Project

Take this very interesting tour and find out about the wonderful healing capabilities of some of our indigenous plants that are being used by the local people. This information has been passed down through many generations, and it is still being applied until this day in age.

Botanical Tours
Future Project

The Nature Reserve has a very diverse compilation of vegetation habitat types. We have created a vegetation map of the Reserve to show you what species grows where. Take the plant checklist and see how many species you can identify. See if you can find those rare species and who knows, you might even discover a new species….

Horse riding
Future Project

This is the perfect way to get very close to nature. Some of the most beautiful areas on the Reserve are only accessible on horseback or on foot. You don’t have to be an experienced rider to enjoy this activity. 

Rock Art

The San people of Africa roamed the area for thousands of years until 100 years ago. Get the chance to take a peek into their extraordinary world, by taking a guided tour to one of our rock art sites.  

Stargazing – Observatory
Future Project

With the absence of artificial light, the stargazing here is absolutely phenomenal and amongst the best in Southern Africa. To make the experience even more mind blowing, take a look at the galaxy from our observatory. There is no better way to end a blissful day.


There are many excellent fishing opportunities on the Nature Reserve. Whether you are in to fly fishing, artificial lures or conventional bait fishing, we have the perfect spot for you…. Take a family picnic at one of the dams, or send Mom to the Spa and let Dad and the kids have some fun fishing. We have very healthy populations of Black Bass, Carp and Barbell.


You are surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, very special sunsets and rare fauna and flora. The Kammanssie Blue Nature Reserve is every photographer’s dream…

Mountain biking

This Nature Reserve is every Mountain Bikers dream! In total there are well over 100km’s of tracks, ranging between very relaxing flat routes, to extremely challenging mountainous terrain. Here you can choose to ride through the beautiful orchards, or take a ride in the Nature Reserve, or even have the best of both worlds.

Rock climbing/ Abseiling
Future Project

If you are up for a serious workout, then you have to try one of our many rock climbing sites. The Nature Reserve is virtually surrounded by mountains, presenting some terrific opportunities to do rock climbing. There are also some cliffs for the true adrenalin junkies to try their hand at abseiling. A truly world class experience!

Future Project

On the Northern side of the Nature Reserve lays the Stompdrift Dam. The dam is approximately 10km in length with very little submerged structure and no dangerous animals to be aware off, which makes for great canoeing.

Sunset Cruises
Future Project

There is no better way than ending your day with a Sunset Cruise on the Stompdrift Dam. Enjoy a glass of the Farm’s own estate wine or let our professional barmen treat you with a designer cocktail, while you sit back and marvel at the breathtaking views surrounding you. This is what memories are made of…


How about having a picnic in the Vineyards, or somewhere high on a mountain top…You can arrange to have a picnic at one of our many lovely secluded sites on the Nature Reserve.  Great food, good company and amazing surroundings, makes for an unforgettable experience!

Outdoor spa experience
Future Project

In order to maximize the relaxing effect that a good spa treatment should have on you, we constructed an outdoor spa on a hill top and designed it in such way to give you an unspoilt 360º view. Only two guests are allowed at a time to ensure a personal experience.