The accommodation will comprise of a Lodge and 50 Eco housing units.


The Lodge will have 10 exclusive rooms, accommodating in total a maximum of 20 guests. There will be conference and dining facilities, large enough to cater for 200 guests. Included in the Lodge will also be a boutique spa and gym.

Eco Houses:

50 Eco Houses will be sold on a full title premise. Each house will have a main dwelling with two bedrooms and a secondary dwelling with two more bedrooms. Owners have an option of placing their house into a Rental Pool Scheme with financial benefits to the owner. During the periods when owners do not utilize their houses, it could be made available for short term rental accommodation. The free standing rooms will then be made available to visitors to the nature reserve, who will be served meals at the main facility in the Nature Reserve itself. All the houses are designed in such way that the free standing rooms are utilised as hotel rooms ensuring protection to the owner’s personal belongings in the communal family space. The option also exists to rent the entire unit on a self-catering basis. By renting out the unoccupied units, we will be able to accommodate larger groups for corporate- and other functions and also ensure a rental income for the owners of the houses. The two buildings together will be designed and classified as a unit as only one kitchen is provided.

One of the main objectives that we aim to achieve with the Eco Housing is to have the lowest possible impact on nature, and still deliver a luxurious product of high quality. With this goal in mind, we made use of several electricity- and water saving measures.

The layout of the development was carefully chosen to promote privacy and exclusivity to all home owners. All houses must confirm with architectural and housing guidelines. A choice of three architectural designs is available to ensure conformity.